Specialized for the development of high quality & innovative business solutions

Specialised solutions

We offer powerful solutions for legal departments & lawyers in order to facilitate your business


We offer services such as software development, data management, Infrastructure support & consulting

Software development

Subnet ltd is a company based in Rijeka, Croatia specialized for the development of high quality and innovative business solutions

Web based applications

Our clients can easily access the application from any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser.

Mobile applications

We are capable of designing and developing business ideas into apps accessible through mobile and web devices.

Desktop aplications

While working on desktop projects, our team focuses on high performance, user convenience, security, smooth integration and documentation.

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Integration services

Integration of our products with your existing ERP solution.

Reporting services

We provide fast development of dynamic reports from your ERP data.

Robotic process automation

Developing RPA modules into our products to automate communication with other systems.


NetLawyer is a legal case management system that follows the work of court cases, throughout their opening up to archiving, and completes all the necessary processes for office business.


Designed by insolvency experts, subnetIPS is a full scale system with a centralized tasks and document management as well as property and creditor records.

Data management

We deal with processes such as acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing required data to ensure accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for our clients.

What Clients Say?

Simple, fast and reliable. We can not compare it to anything because it is better than everything we've seen and we've seen a lot.

Hrvoje Vukić Law firm Vukić & partners

I was struggling with office informatization, and I could not find a solution that does everything that is needed. netLawyer is easy to use, comprehensive and flexible. Also, support is great: you get answers - immediately!

Boris Gregović Law practice Gregović